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Why Should I Buy Crypto at a Bitcoin Kiosk in Oakland?

Despite the fact that some feel cryptocurrency is a risky investment, millions are taking the leap and having tremendous success. There are multiple forms of cryptocurrency, but Bitcoin is the most popular. These days, it’s easier than ever to buy Bitcoin, including at a Bitcoin kiosk in Oakland. Here’s what makes it great!

Bitcoin Kiosks Are Really Convenient

Some refer to them as ATMs, but they are also referred to as kiosks. They look a lot like an ATM, but don’t get confused. You should look for a machine that specifically says Bitcoin. There are currently around 50,000 kiosks in the United States, and the number is rising so they aren’t hard to find! 

A Bitcoin Kiosk in Oakland Allows You to Use Cash

Not everyone wants to deal with Bitcoin exclusively online. Sometimes, it’s easier to buy with cash. It’s also a viable option if you don’t have a credit card or traditional bank account. 

You Can Also Send Cash Through a Kiosk

If you don’t have Bitcoin or don’t want to use your Bitcoin to send cash, you can do this through a kiosk. Simply insert the cash, then choose the wallet you want it to go to. The receiver can easily convert it to cash and withdraw it on their end.

Using a Bitcoin Kiosk Means Avoiding Cryptocurrency Exchanges

While flexible, cryptocurrency exchanges can be risky. There are kiosks that allow you to avoid that altogether and go with peer-to-peer exchanges instead. This is easier and more secure. 

Using a Bitcoin Kiosk Is Fast

If you’ve dealt with an exchange, then it’s likely you’ve had to wait quite a while to sell and receive your money. There is no need to be at the mercy of an exchange! With a kiosk, buying and selling are instantaneous.

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We make Bitcoin investing a no-brainer. We’re here to help you get started, and we promise it’s easy! If you’re looking for a Bitcoin kiosk in Oakland to get started in cryptocurrency, visit our online locator now!

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