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Golden 7 Food Store

Buy Bitcoin ATM in San Pablo
Golden 7 Food Store
2698 El Portal Dr
San Pablo CA 94806
United States

About This Location

Buy Bitcoin In San Pablo California with cash. The Black Swan Bitcoin ATM is located inside of Golden 7 Food in San Pablo, California located at 2698 El Portal Dr. You can buy Bitcoin with cash and receive it instantly at this location using a Black Swan Bitcoin ATM. Our Bitcoin ATM machines are the fastest way to buy cryptocurrency with cash USD offering the quickest verification and transactions available. Be sure to come prepared with a phone and ID for a quick and easy process. If you need assistance with anything, please reach out to and one of our support staff will assist you with any of your crypto needs.


Please view our Help Center page. If you cannot find answers to your questions, submit a support ticket. For immediate assistance to urgent needs only, please call us at 769-759-7926 or email us at

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Bitcoin: What to Know Before You Buy From a Bitcoin ATM in San Pablo

Whether you want to dip your toe into cryptocurrency or deal in several currencies, a Bitcoin ATM is a quick, easy method of getting into Bitcoin. If you are unsure of what goes into buying from a Bitcoin ATM in San Pablo, we have provided you with the swiftest way to start.

Introducing Bitcoin for the Unfamiliar

Even people who never engage in Bitcoin know of Bitcoin because it is the most popular digital currency. Every Bitcoin transaction is tracked in a public record, known as the blockchain. All digital currency uses a digital wallet.

Defining Bitcoin ATM

A Bitcoin ATM is a way of expediting access to Bitcoin. Their entire point is to be a useful venue for Bitcoin transactions.

How to Actualize Your Bitcoin Experience with a Bitcoin ATM in San Pablo

While using a Bitcoin ATM is a breeze, some preliminary steps are involved. First, you require a digital wallet on your smart phone. Second, you must create an account with the ATM operator.

After meeting those requirements, you can convert cash into decentralized, digital currency. Simply scan your digital wallet code, decide how much Bitcoin you wish to buy and purchase. The transaction will display on your wallet with all blockchain confirmation in a few minutes.

Four Exceptional Reasons to Buy From Black Swan Bitcoin ATMs

  1. Security: Low personal information requirements means high protection.
  2. Convenience: ATMs are everywhere.
  3. Swift: Digital wallets constantly update.
  4. Protection: Bitcoin cannot be stolen or lost.

Take Charge of Your Finances With Black Swan Bitcoin ATMs

Black Swan Bitcoin ATMs are quick, safe and simple to use. Buy from a Black Swan Bitcoin ATM in San Pablo today, and learn why it is the best way to engage with Bitcoin!