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Soma Wines & Spirits

Bitcoin Fee in San Francisco
Soma Wines & Spirits
600 Folsom St
San Francisco CA 94107
United States

About This Location

The Black Swan Bitcoin ATM is located inside of the Soma Wines & Spirits in San Fransisco, California. You can buy Bitcoin with cash and receive it instantly at this location using a Bitcoin ATM. Our Bitcoin ATM machines are the fastest way to buy cryptocurrency with cash USD offering the quickest verification and transactions available. Be sure to come prepared with a phone and ID for a quick and easy proccess. If you need assistance with anything, please reach out to and one of our support staff will assist you with any of your crypto needs.


Please view our Help Center page. If you cannot find answers to your questions, submit a support ticket. For immediate assistance to urgent needs only, please call us at 769-759-7926 or email us at

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Do Bitcoin ATMs in San Francisco Charge a Fee?

Bitcoin ATMs are popping up all over San Francisco, and they seem like a great way to buy cryptocurrency. So, do Bitcoin ATMs in San Francisco charge a fee? This is the question that many people have, and rightly so.

Legitimacy and Safety of Bitcoin ATM Transactions

You can tell if Bitcoin ATM transactions are legitimate by looking at the charges. If they are less than eight percent for a transaction, you can safely assume that it is not a scam and will be able to deposit your cash and receive Bitcoins in return.

Some Bitcoin ATMs operators have scammed several people in the past. Thus, it is important to check the legitimacy of the ATM before using it. Some of the factors that you will want to look at are how long they have been operating, any complaints on file with service providers or local authorities, and what kind of security features they offer.

So, Do Bitcoin ATMs in San Francisco Charge a Fee or Not?

Bitcoin ATMs in San Francisco do not always charge a fee for their transactions. However, it is important to realize that there are other fees you will be paying on top of just the purchase price of Bitcoins.

Some of the crypto ATMs have an administrative fee attached, which can vary by provider and location. This is a one-time fee that you will have to pay whenever your wallet or account reaches the minimum threshold for transaction fees.

In addition, Bitcoin ATMs also charge a convenience fee and other costs based on location and type of machine being used. Convenience fees usually start at five percent but can go as high as ten percent.

If you’re looking to buy or cryptocurrency, using a Bitcoin ATM in San Francisco is your best option, and Black Swan Bitcoin ATMs have the lowest transaction fees around! So, visit one of our convenient locations today!