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M and A Lakeside Market

M and A Lakeside Market
136 14th St
Oakland CA 94612
United States

About This Location

The Black Swan Bitcoin ATM is located inside of the M & A Lakeside Market in Oakland, California. You can buy Bitcoin with cash and receive it instantly at this location using our Bitcoin ATM. Our Bitcoin ATM machines are the fastest way to buy cryptocurrency with cash USD offering the quickest verification and transactions available. Be sure to come prepared with a phone and ID for a quick and easy process. If you need assistance with anything, please reach out to and one of our support staff will assist you with any of your crypto needs.


Please view our Help Center page. If you cannot find answers to your questions, submit a support ticket. For immediate assistance to urgent needs only, please call us at 769-759-7926 or email us at

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Bitcoin: What to Know Before You Buy From a Bitcoin ATM in Oakland

Bitcoin ATM transactions are gaining popularity for those three reasons. Speed, security, anonymity! Ready to take advantage of the convenience of cryptocurrency? Here’s what to know before you buy from a Bitcoin ATM in Oakland.

What Is a Bitcoin ATM?

Bitcoin ATMs allow you to make fast and secure cryptocurrency transactions by buying crypto. Some also allow you to sell it as well. Just like traditional ATMs, you’ll find a conveniently located Bitcoin ATM in Oakland.

On your smartphone, add a digital wallet app to keep track of your cryptocurrency on the blockchain. Once your digital wallet is set up, you’re ready to buy from a Bitcoin ATM in Oakland.

Bitcoin ATM Purchases Are Cash Only

You’ll need cash to make your Bitcoin purchases from the ATM. Because cash transactions through an ATM are more secure, many prefer to make the crypto purchases this way. Different ATMs have different limits, so be sure to know before you go. 

How to Buy

Buying from a Bitcoin ATM in Oakland is fast and easy. All you’ll need is your digital wallet, an account with the ATM operator, and your cash. You’ll insert your cash into the ATM to purchase Bitcoin at the current market price. Your Bitcoin is recorded in your digital wallet immediately, and confirmation on the blockchain happens in minutes.

Unlike credit card purchases and traditional ATM transactions, buying from a Bitcoin ATM in Oakland is anonymous. Your purchase from the blockchain isn’t linked to your identity.

Bitcoin ATMs Are Highly Secure

Placement and low levels of stored cash make Bitcoin ATMs less of a theft target. Also, the hardware and software offer high levels of security.

Enjoy Fast Transactions

Once you make your purchase, your Bitcoin purchase is in your digital wallet and ready for you to use immediately.

BlackSwan Bitcoin ATMs Make Purchasing in Oakland Easy

Use a BlackSwan Bitcoin ATM in Oakland for easy, fast, and secure transactions. Our convenient ATMs offer smooth transactions with no waiting time.