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International Food King

When to Use a Bitcoin ATM in Oakland
International Food King
8824 International Blvd
Oakland CA 94621
United States

About This Location

The Black Swan Bitcoin ATM is located inside of the Food King in Oakland, California. You can buy Bitcoin with cash and receive it instantly at this location using a Black Swan Bitcoin ATM. Our Bitcoin ATM machines are the fastest way to buy cryptocurrency with cash USD offering the quickest verification and transactions available. Be sure to come prepared with a phone and ID for a quick and easy process. If you need assistance with anything, please reach out to and one of our support staff will assist you with any of your crypto needs.


Please view our Help Center page. If you cannot find answers to your questions, submit a support ticket. For immediate assistance to urgent needs only, please call us at 769-759-7926 or email us at

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When Should You Use a Bitcoin ATM in Oakland?

Bitcoin ATMs are popping up everywhere in Oakland. You’ve likely encountered one if you frequent convenience stores, restaurants, shopping malls, and gas stations in the area. You might also wonder why you would want to use these machines if you do all of your cryptocurrency trading from your own computer, but there are times when it is worth your while to use a Bitcoin ATM in Oakland. So, when should you use a Bitcoin ATM in Oakland?

But First, Crypto for Beginners

First of all, a Bitcoin ATM is great if you’re still a novice when it comes to cryptocurrency. Buying and selling Bitcoins can seem confusing at first, but the familiarity of an ATM can make it a little easier.

You can buy Bitcoins from these machines just as easily as you would deposit money in a traditional ATM. You just select how many coins you want to buy, insert your money into the machine, scan the QR code for your Bitcoin wallet, and your coins will be deposited into your wallet within minutes. You should still take the time to read up on how cryptocurrency works and be mindful of the price of Bitcoins, but ATMs do make trading crypto easier than ever before.

When Should You Use a Bitcoin ATM in Oakland? Right Now!

Whether you’re just learning about cryptocurrency or are ready to invest right now, knowing when to use a Bitcoin ATM in Oakland can be incredibly helpful. Visit one near you today to start investing in your future through cryptocurrency!