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Getting Started With Black Swan

How do I get started purchasing Bitcoin / cryptocurrency at a Black Swan ATM? What do I need to be able to buy cryptocurrency?

Before you head to a Bitcoin ATM, be sure to have the following items in place:
  • Cash: Purchasing cryptocurrency can only be done with cash at this time.
  • Digital wallet: Create your digital wallet online in advance through any cryptocurrency wallet app.
  • Government-Issued ID: Your identification may be used to verify your identity depending on the amount of your Bitcoin purchase. For purchases over $799, you will need an ID. 
  • Your Cell Phone: You will need to confirm the account you create on the ATM through your cell phone, as well as scan your wallet code on the ATM in your wallet app.

Why is Bitcoin confirmation necessary?

Bitcoin confirmation allows the blockchain to rely solely on computer networks, or nodes, to verify transactions, ensuring there is no entity involvement. This helps maintain security and autonomy of cryptocurrency, so that it cannot be controlled by governments, banking institutions, or hackers.

What is the Bitcoin blockchain?

All Bitcoin transactions are recorded in a ledger known as a blockchain, the technology that allows cryptocurrency to exist. Blockchain technology verifies transactions and is what makes crypto exchange so secure, making it virtually impossible to hack.

What are network fees?

Network fees are minimal fees that are in place to incentivize Bitcoin miners, who help to put new Bitcoins into circulation, to confirm transactions.

Wallet Help

What is a Wallet?

Think of a Bitcoin Wallet as simply a digital version of a bank account. It allows you to purchase, store, and spend your Bitcoin, and it even has its own address similar to a bank account number. Just like your bank account number, you should never share your wallet address or key with anyone or send money to fund a Bitcoin wallet that’s not your own. This puts you at risk for losing your Bitcoin and potentially even money. 

You can create a digital wallet through any cryptocurrency wallet app. Be sure to write down your wallet information, such as username, password, and private key, in a safe place.

How do I buy cryptocurrency?

Please visit a Black Swan Bitcoin ATM near you and follow the instructions on the screen. Our process is simple and easy to understand.


Security and Compliance

Why do I have to show identification to purchase cryptocurrency?

Black Swan Bitcoin complies with the Bank Secrecy Act and the USA Patriot Act, so we require ID as bound by law. Additionally, to help protect consumers, we are registered as a money services business with FinCen. Single purchases over $799 require identification. 

Do I have to buy cryptocurrency with cash? Can I use a credit or debit card?

Currency can only be purchased with cash at this time, but this may change in the future.

Where is my Bitcoin? Why haven’t I received it yet?

It may take up to an hour or longer for your cryptocurrency to be deposited after completing your order. This is because the secure process may take between 3 to 10 confirmations, and each confirmation can take 5 to 10 minutes. These delays are out of our control and are part of the process of sending currency through the blockchain.

How much cryptocurrency can I buy daily at a Black Swan ATM?

You can purchase up to $7,500 per day.

Can I send money to other people on a Black Swan Bitcoin ATM?

You can only purchase cryptocurrency, which is sent to your personal cryptocurrency wallet. Then, you can send cryptocurrency to anyone you choose after you have purchased it.

What potential cryptocurrency / Bitcoin scams should I be aware of?

While cryptocurrency is impossible to hack when following the above steps, you should be aware that people may try to steal your Bitcoin by getting you to give them your secure information. Watch out for the following Bitcoin scams.

Family Member / Friend Accounts on Social Media

Many scammers use social media to prey on unsuspecting people. Don’t trust new social media accounts claiming to be friends or family if they are asking for cryptocurrency to help them out of a bad situation. Ask them to contact you in person to see whether their request is legitimate. Currenclty, cryptocurrency can’t be used to pay medical bills, attorney fees, or other expenses that scammers often claim they need help for.


There are currently no financial assistance programs including grants that require you to pay for anything such as delivery, shipping, or transportation via cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.


Don’t trust ads promising high rates of return (ROIs) on your Bitcoin / cryptocurrency investment if you can’t verify the investment company’s authenticity.

Online Sales

Never move your transaction outside of trusted sites such as eBay or Amazon with a third-party seller, even if they say they are a verified employee who only accepts cryptocurrency.

Romantic Relationship 

An increasing number of scammers use social media and / or online dating to attract victims in order to steal your crypto. Do not share any wallet information with anyone that you haven’t known for an extended period of time and have met them in person / live with them.

Social Security / IRS / Police / Other Government Officials

An individual claiming to be from a position of authority will tell you that your information was stolen and that they can protect your money if you provide them with your wallet information or that you need to send them cryptocurrency to clear your name from charges being brought against you. There is never any reason that anyone from any branch of government will call you to request cryptocurrency or your wallet key.

Utility Company

An individual posing as a rep from your utility company will state that your services will be turned off unless you pay them with cryptocurrency.

Vacation Rentals / Airbnb / Housing

Cryptocurrency scammers post fraudulent property listings that only accept cryptocurrency as payment. They lie about being a real estate agent to the property owners, so they can get you into the property to appear to be legitimate.

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